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Nice To Meet You, I'm Valentina

Your Wix
Customer Success 

As Your Customer Success Manager
I am here to help you achieve the following things :

My Role

About Me

Valentina brings eight years of experience in Customer Success. Some of her strengths are customer onboarding, trainings, growth strategies and best business practices. 


Before joining the Customer Success team at Wix, Valentina was in charge of Enterprise accounts in the fitness industry in Miami.


When she is not in the office, Valentina can be found trail running or curating her slow-living blog.

  • How Often Do We Meet?
    The frequency of our meeting varies based on need and phase we are in. We could be meeting once a month, quarterly or on an ad-hoc basis. It all depends on what we are working on together and our respective availability.
  • What If I Need Urgent Help?
    I operate on standard business hours so I will be unavailable nights and weekends, but here at Wix we want to make sure you always feel supported. Check this handy dandy Help Center guide for any how-to's and of course feel free to Chat with Customer Care or Request a call with Customer Care 24/7.

Thank you for all your help. Tell your bosses I am one happy Wix user! My partner chose Square and I can see first hand the pros of my choice. You have gotten me motivated to update my website and make it relevant as well as SEO friendly which brought me a full schedule of clients!


Thanks again for your help today. You are wonderful and It has been great to work with you. Since we have been working together I have seen a 30% increase in my sales, received several new client conversions and even expanded into a bigger location!

Thank you, Valentina. I appreciate the recaps, your enthusiasm, support and organization. I am stoked to have a point of contact at Wix who can help me figure out stuff that I would take hours to do myself

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